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Cherryl Smith, PhD is professor emerita of English at California State University where she taught rhetoric and composition. Her writing includes academic, commentary, mixed genre, and poetry. Her recent book, Framing Israel, evolved from her experiences of visiting Israel over a period of 15 years and from her research into the rhetoric used to talk and write about Israel in US and UK media and on college campuses. She now lives in Tel Aviv.

Praise for Framing Israel


Framing Israel should be required reading for anyone interested in or studying media or the Middle East conflict. Cherryl Smith’s book stands out thanks to its very original focus on the language and agendas at play. Intertwining her own experiences with sound academic analysis, Professor Smith writes a highly accessible book that avoids the polemics that have made this topic a minefield to examine.

– Simon Plosker, Managing Editor, UN Watch, formerly Managing Editor, HonestReporting


A major accomplishment. I’m awed by the brilliance, wisdom, beautiful writing, and thoughtful research evident on every page. Stunningly good.

– Professor Sheridan Blau, Teachers College, Columbia University


An illuminating combination of personal memoir, history, rigorous scholarship, and a trove of notes and references…Framing Israel offers a unique method for understanding and countering anti-Israelism.

– Esther Posner, Jerusalem Post


Framing Israel, an excellent and engaging new book by Cherryl Smith, offers an insightful and accessible understanding of the virulently anti-Israel movement on university campuses and how and why it has gained such traction. I’m delighted to endorse this terrific book.

-Professor Miriam F. Elman, Syracuse University, Executive Director, Academic Engagement Network

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