Cherryl’s Books

Framing Israel: A Personal Tour of Media and Campus Rhetoric

Why is it that citing facts often has little impact on discussion of the Jewish state? Framing Israel, a Personal Tour of Media and Campus Rhetoric offers an answer. This is an essential sourcebook—especially for readers who find mainstream media to be unreliable on controversial subjects and for college students and their families. Carefully researched and referenced, Framing Israel is also an engaging chronicle of one California professor’s encounter with the language about Israel and with the country itself.

After Being Somewhere Else: Poems

In this long awaited volume, Cherryl Smith writes, without a note of pretension, about the mystery and ambiguity of genuine experience. These are honest poems in the meditative tradition of private utterances overheard, yet carefully crafted to be accessable to readers who are generously invited to eavesdrop.

Writing Your Way Through College: A Student’s Guide

Writing academic essays in college often seems mysterious to students who do not yet understand the process of developing an idea into a finished piece of reasoned prose. Writing Your Way Through College demystifies that process and enables teachers to help students “invent the university” as they reinvent themselves as proficient writers and rhetorical problem solvers.

Shoptalk for College Writers

SHOPTALK FOR COLLEGE WRITERS introduces students to the field of composition while allowing them to write for their own purposes from a variety of sources.

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